Say Hello to TallyPrime! Managing your Business just got Simpler

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Tally Prime


Single user edition
For Standalone PCs

INR 18,000/-

+18% GST (INR 3,240)

Tally Prime


Unlimited Multi-user edition
For Multiple PCs on LAN environment

INR 54,000/-

+18% GST (INR 9,720)

Why TallyPrime?

Your growth Partner

To develop your business, and to settle on the correct business choices, you need the correct experiences. With highlights like “Go To” and “customisable reports” in the new TallyPrime, you can find and see reports, cutting and dicing them the manner in which you need. To help you in your development venture, TallyPrime empowers you to deal with different organizations and gradually add highlights like numerous go-downs, multi-money, request measure, cost focuses and so forth This assists you with disposing of intricacies, and thus, center around business development.

Better control over cash flow

Speedy and bother free bills receivables and payable administration assist you with getting paid quicker just as overseeing installment timetables. Likewise, Tally works with simple and proficient stock development, making it conceivable to streamline the income. Also, the keen reports at squint of eye help you settle on certain choices and plan the development of your business better.

Enhanced Business Efficiency

With the speed that Tally brings, you can complete things rapidly and save valuable time, assisting you with accomplishing for less. With TallyPrime, you can print or view the reports being in voucher passage, you can stack another organization being in a report without forsaking the action you were on it, become more acquainted with the inconsistencies or odd subtleties from each report that you view and considerably more. No seriously recalling alternate way keys, you have the instinctive and steady work process that assists you with tackling job quicker.

Tax compliance made easy

Tally’s Prevention, Detection and Correction instrument guarantees that your books are consistently precise, subsequently giving you the certainty that the profits you record are consistently right!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is TallyPrime easy to use? Can I use it?

Tally is basic and intended to be utilized by individuals from non-IT and non-accounts foundation too. Simplicity of finding data, predictable alternatives, exploring without the need to recollecting the ways and considerably more makes you begin utilizing TallyPrime immediately.

Is my business data safe with TallyPrime?

Innumerable hours have been placed in to make our item really dependable and solid. Indeed, even in circumstances where you experience any issue with the product because of variables out of your control, similar to organize disturbance, power disappointment or a framework reboot, your information stays protected from any debasement.

Is Tally only to be used by an accountant?

No. Business proprietors need to utilize bookkeeping programming to monitor business execution. Records division catches and keeps up information in a more coordinated manner, which ought to be utilized by leaders to settle on educated choices.

What kind of reports can I get from TallyPrime?

You get 3600 perspective on your business through a large group of business reports identified with Accounting, Inventory, Financial, Management control reports (MIS) and Statutory reports to help you settle on sure business choices.

What is the process for setting up TallyPrime? How much time does it take?

You can be ready for action inside a couple of moments. All you need is 3 speedy Steps – 1) Download 2) Install 3) Start executing shortly.

Can I access business reports on my mobile?

TallyPrime, upholds ongoing and secure admittance to significant business report from an internet browser, on any gadget, anyplace